MediaFire Releases Cloud Storage and Backup App for BlackBerry 10

If you share or download files over the Internet, there is a good chance you have already heard about Mediafire. The company has released an official cloud storage and backup application for BlackBerry 10 devices.

Here is a description from BlackBerry World :

MediaFire lets you easily upload all your files – like your photos, videos, music, and documents – and access them from anywhere with your Blackberry device or on the web.

Share files and images with all of your friends and upload them only once. Use folders to easily share groups of files or create galleries for all your images. Keep frequently used files online for easy access from any computer with an internet connection.

Securely store, organize, and share all your media through your Blackberry. MediaFire keeps all your photos, videos, reading material, work docs, spreadsheets, presentations, and even your homework in your pocket, ready for you to view or share anytime.

All your files will always be safe in your MediaFire account – no matter what happens to your device.

The application is another option one can use instead of Dropbox, OneDrive and similar apps for BlackBerry 10 out there. The app is free, however, you will be required to pay a fee if you wish to increase the storage limitation. Free users are limited to 10 GB with the option to increase it to 1TB (that’s 1,000 GB) for $3.79 per month or 100TB (that’s 100000 GB) for $39.99 per month.

10 GB is a lot if you’re only sharing photos and documents, but if you wish to share videos or back up the contents on your device, you’ll most likely have to increase the limit.

You can download the Mediafire app for BlackBerry 10 for free right now at BlackBerry World.