McAfee Mobile Security

If BlackBerry Protect isn’t enough for you, McAfee has released their Mobile Security App for BlackBerry. The solution protects your mobile device if it’s lost or stolen, backs up and restores your personal data, and safeguards against mobile viruses and spyware. Continue reading for features.


– Safeguard against mobile viruses and spyware

Lock & Wipe
– Remotely lock your device from the web or via SMS from another device
– Display a message on your locked device
– Wipe your personal data

Backup & Restore
– Back up your data to the cloud (even after device loss or theft)
– Restore data to a new device
– Access your data online from anywhere

Locate & Track
– Locate your lost device and plot its locations on a map
– Sound an alarm to help retrieve your missing device
– Track the current SIM and calls made to help recover your device

Download the trial here