John Chen shows off the BlackBerry Classic and BlackBerry Passport during Shareholders meeting

Z3 Classic Passport
During the Shareholders annual conference meeting set in Toronto, BlackBerry CEO John Chen showed off the BlackBerry Classic and BlackBerry Passport through a slideshow being shown off to shareholders, also giving some information regrading both. 

A few things John Chen confirmed was the BlackBerry Passport was the 450PPI LCD screen and would also be available in white. He also let it be known that he is fully aware of the leaks for all mobile manufacturer including the iPhone  6 and boldly claims that there isn’t a device out there to date that rocks a better screen than the Passport. It’s cool to know the CEO of BlackBerry keeps up to date with such trivial matters like mobile phone leaks.

And if you’re wondering where all the leaks come from? Well, he also told the crowd a lot of the BlackBerry employees are carrying one, even so much one employee brought one out to demonstrate just how big the device was.

David Friend, Business Reporter for The Canadian Press managed to grab quite the epic picture of John Chen holding up the BlackBerry Passport:

John Chen Passport


He described it as:

 It’s either the smallest Phablet or the Worlds largest phone

Not only has the device got a fantastic LCD screen, John Chen says the device will be good enough to view MRI scans and X-Ray scans, which goes in line with this particular device being targeted for the healthcare sector, particularly with NantHealth. 

And here’s John Chen showing off with not only the BlackBerry Passport, but the BlackBerry Classic also.

BlackBerry Classic and Passport

He says the Classic should be out by November, but then jokingly said it could come out before that.

What do you guys think of the devices? I think the Classic looks BEAUTIFUL!