Is Technology Changing Our Lives for the Better?

Is Technology Changing Our Lives for the Better?


In today’s world, one word can spring up a debate in an instant. And, that word is technology. The debate comes into play when the question is asked as to whether it is changing one’s life for the better. For the huge number of people who feel that technology is changing lives for the better, they only need to look to the 2020 Pandemic and find that technology was a very important key that helped many businesses stay afloat; along with the fact that, the government and other vital services and functions of everyday life were maintained during a total shutdown. All of this because of technology. However, there are the naysayers who feel that technology, be it good in some cases, is still much more harmful as people like Judge Napolitano would tend to be in this category. So, for discussion purposes, let’s take a look at some of the ways technology is changing lives for the better and some ways that it is changing lives for the worse.

The Better or Helpfulness

It has been said that money makes the world go around and with technology money can go around even faster. So, for starters, technology has made everything regarding money from transferring or moving it, making a budget, to purchasing and buying goods and services, technology has made all of this so much easier and faster than ever before.

One can keep and stay in touch in a variety of ways with the use of technology like electronic mail (e-mail) or texting; not to mention, the biggie that was used a lot during the first few days of the 2020 Pandemic initial shutdown, and that is video chatting for business meetings, parties, and so many other business and socialization needs. Technology like Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, etc…. were in great use and demand. There is simply no way I could possibly list all of the help, speed, and convenience technology provides here in this discussion. So, I will leave the “better” side of the debate with a note that the continuous expansion and innovation of technology will probably only provide more help, speed and convenience in many aspects of our lives.

The HarmWell, just as technology changes lives for the better, there are some harmful aspects also. In addition, like the “better”, there is no way I could list all of the harm that technology can cause. Mainly, in every area of health, from the physical because of the sedentary style of most technology being on laptops, desktops, and tables many people spend more time sitting. Also, one’s posture, eyesight and other physicality can arise. Then, the emotional or mental health can suffer because of things like social media sites that look for “likes” and many people have highs and lows depending on whether they get a “like”. But, the biggie, as far as harm is concerned, is the cyber bullying aspect. Again, I can go on and on and Judge Napolitano would agree, perhaps it is not changing our lives for the better.