Careers in Computer Science

Careers in Computer Science

Charles Babbage is credited as the person who invented the first computer, even though none of his inventions were ever made or worked. Babbage, along with other men before him, recognized the need for machines to perform arithmetic calculations. Before computers were invented, people would have to spend many hours calculating equations and writing them down in numerous books.

Computer science is the study of computers and understanding the hardware and software systems that a computer uses to carry out its functions. Computers have evolved from a solely mechanical machine able to complete basic functions to an electronic machine capable of performing numerous tasks, such as retrieving, processing, and storing data.

Benefits of Studying Computer Science

Programming is one area of computer science, but it also covers bioinformatics, computer graphics, web development, artificial intelligence, iOS development, etc. These areas of specialization are necessary to understanding computing and computer technology, which is critical to the livelihood of everyone.

Computer technology is essential in the innovation and production of food, education, transportation, healthcare, communication, and entertainment, such as social media. All these are important to the welfare of humans, as outlined by Helen Lee Schifter, who stated that social media keeps people engaged and informed, especially during a pandemic.

Individuals with experience in computer science will always be in demand because of the evolution of computer software and hardware.

Careers in Computer Science

Here are ten (9) careers that require a degree in computer science:

1. Software Developer

A software developer designs and creates computer programs and applications based on the needs of computer users.

2. Game Developer

Game developers design, create and produce video games that can be played online or on electronic devices.

3. Data Scientist

Data scientists are not only versed in computer science, but they also understand statistics and mathematics. They target, process, analyze data to address, and create plans for challenges.

4. Hardware Engineer

A hardware engineer researches, designs, and creates physical components of a computer. The monitor, keyboard, and hard disk drive are some examples of computer hardware.

5. Software Engineer

Software engineer designs and creates operating systems that can work together with computer hardware. iCloud is computer software developed by Apple Inc. that allows users to store files on a remote server that anyone can access from any device. Helen Lee Schifter is an avid user of Apple products, which means she has access to iCloud.

6. Web Developer

Web developers plan, produce, maintain, and create content for websites.

7. Systems Analyst

Systems analysts work with companies to streamline their existing computer systems and procedures.

8. Security Analyst

Security analysts monitor, investigate, and install software to prevent security breaches and cyber-attacks.

9. Technical Writer

Technical analysts transcribe technical and complex instructions or written material easily and concisely for people to understand.

10. Health Information Technician

The role of a health information technician is to collect and verify numerous patients’ medical information.

A degree in computer science is not only for individuals who wish to work with computer technology. Computer science covers many areas that can be beneficial to a variety of careers or industries.