Instagram client BlackGram for BlackBerry 10 updated – TONS of fixes and new features


Instagram client BlackGram for BlackBerry 10 just received a massive update with a whole lot of fixes, improvements and a couple of new features. For those of you all not familiar with BlackGram see our  article here.

Now for the big change log for v5.0.1.5010:

  • fix: image editor crash
  • fix: auto-renew of expired/invalid access token
  • fix: scrolling issues and image sizes on 720p devices
  • new: Overall performance boost for page scrolling and page navigation
  • new: loading of images and feeds optimized and speed up
  • new: added links for ‘@’ tags to the relative user page
  • new: added continuous scrolling for main feed, personal feed, user posts, tag posts, etc.
  • new: ability to rotate images (outside image editor) before upload
  • fix: improved post detail visualization on Q10/5 devices
  • new: ability to open videos with the native phone media player
  • new: added new shortcut menus to the ‘more’ button bar for a better usability
  • new: progress feedback of like/unlike actions
  • new: go to top button added in personal feed and comments
  • fix: minor fixes for like/unlike/follow/unfollow/comment actions

Love seeing a big update for a very new/popular app, head on over to BlackBerry World to purchase/update BlackGram.