Innovative Digital Marketing Trends That Should Not be Ignored in 2021

Here was a time when certain tech-related digital marketing trends were considered ambitious concepts circling the edges of ridicule. Today, we are witnessing a changing online landscape where the “once-impossible” digital marketing trends, such as AI (artificial intelligence), chatbots, VSEO (voice search engine optimization), etc., are being integrated at the very core of all businesses.

That said, if you believe that you are well-trained in the niche of tech-related digital marketing trends, it is the best time for you to apply to become a business mentor since many businesses are struggling to survive and thrive in today’s online landscape. And why wouldn’t they be? If any business has the intentions of making it through 2021 and beyond while standing out from their competitors and reaching the top position in their respective niches, they should not and cannot ignore the following digital marketing trends:

Artificial Intelligence – AI

You might have already realized that artificial intelligence is integrated at the core of all successful businesses, such as using K5 robots by Uber and Microsoft. However, the use of artificial intelligence isn’t confined to robots alone. Another impressive use of AI-related digital marketing trends is the use of chatbots.

Chatbots have successfully replaced many business aspects, such as basic communication and providing clients with accurate responses to their queries 24/7. The latest SEO trends are also successfully integrating AI to use niche-related keywords to provide ultra-relevant and ultra-comprehensive articles to the readers.

Although we are moving into a new era – widely known as the era of digital Darwinism, we can still not deny the significance of good-quality content. SEO and innovative digital marketing trends blend to boost the business website’s chances of ranking on the top of SERPs. 

Video Marketing

Another one of the most important SEO and digital marketing trends is video marketing, which is more likely to remain on the top for the upcoming decade or so. The more informative and good-quality the video is, the higher are the chances for the video to become viral by getting more shares and reaching a greater target audience. 

It has been estimated that a good-quality marketing video has led to greater conversion rates and thus generated more revenue and profits for a business. However, when it comes to consumer behavior, we have witnessed massive changes in the ways customers interact with their favorite brands and determine the quality of products and services. 

More than 50% of potential buyers get “convinced” that they are about to purchase good quality if they watch a video beforehand. In other words, video marketing makes the buyers feel more confident about the product(s) they are about to purchase since they can witness it with their eyes about making a good choice.

Another innovative digital marketing strategy that is linked with video marketing is influencer writing. Since more people are using different social media platforms, businesses can immensely benefit from influencer marketing so that people are willing to buy a product if their favorite social media influencer is talking about it or recommending it.