iGrann (Instagram Client) RC 1 for BlackBerry 10 Released With Big Change Log


BlackBerry 10 native Instagram client iGrann just updated to release candidate 1 or beta 6 with a nice change log bringing in several new features and fixes. iGrann is currently the best native Instagram client for BlackBerry 10 out right now in my opinion, it is still not available in BlackBerry World just yet but you may sideload to your BlackBerry 10 device.

Change Log:

  • Stay share to Twitter/Facebook toggle on if it was on during the last upload
  • No results are returned if text contains “@” while tagging (Fixed)
  • User search is case-sensitive (Fixed)
  • Error log is displayed if twitter username/password is wrong (Fixed)
  • “Slow loading” for facebook page (Fixed)
  • Wrong date for notification (Fixed)
  • Username displayed twice in notification (Fixed)
  • Issue with special chard when commenting (Fixed)
  • Duplicate photos in feed (Fixed)
  • Ugly comment bar (Fixed)
  • Tags repeting while viewing list (Fixed)
  • Profile design issues (Fixed)
  • Like and comments as actions in media page (Implemented)
  • Display message to tap people (Implemented)
  • Added iGrann to notification title (Implemented)
  • Added date to comments (Implemented)
  • jpeg share (Implemented)
  • App icon changed (Implemented)
  • Splashes images changed (Implemented)
  • Faster feed loading when app is opened (Implemented)
  • Registration enabled (Implemented)
  • No check notifications if not logged in (Implemented)
  • Last time notificatios (Implemented)
  • And more…

Download iGrann RC1 here.

If you need help sideloading check out one of our sideloading guides here or here, or submit your question via a fourm thread.