How To Sideload Android Apps Onto Your BlackBerry 10 Device


Yes, you can sideload Android apps onto your BlackBerry 10 device and today we are going to show you how to do just that using a browser plugin for Google Chrome. There are various ways to sideload, this in my opinion is the easiest way no wires needed (just WiFi connection). As you can see the above image is our app for BlackBerry 10 in which we are soon to submit to BlackBerry World, if you cannot wait then you can grab the BAR file .

To begin the sideload process:

Note: If you are running OS 10.2.1 and higher we suggest you follow this guide.

Running OS 10.2 and below:

1) Download the Google Chrome browser plugin:

Name of plugin – PlayBook App Manager – Download here

After you have downloaded and added to Google Chrome – If you do not see extension on the toolbar simply go to Google Chrome Settings menu, on the left side of the Settings option you will see Extensions:


Select extensions – Go to PlayBook App Manager & select Options, see image:



After selected it will get you to the PlayBook App Manager screen:

3As you can see it is asking for Device Hostnames/IPs, which we will get from your BlackBerry 10 device by going into Settings, followed by Security and Privacy, see image highlight:



After selecting Security & Privacy we are going to go into Development Mode:


We are now going to toggle the “Use Development Mode” to On.

As soon as you toggle on a new window is going to popup asking for your device password if you have one, if you do not then you will set a development mode password.
IMG_00000214After you have entered your password it will let you know that development mode is now on.

There will be two IP address that you will insert in the PlayBook App Manager fields we saw earlier, first one is that development IP address:

Which as you can see here is:

Followed by your device IPs (you must be connected to WiFi), to get this IP address you will go to Settings, followed by About:


After selecting About you will then hit the Category – General button up top and select Network:

After you have selected Network your IP will be displayed under the WiFi section:


Now we have both IP addresses needed:
Development IP address:
WiFi IP address:

These two will both be inputted into the PlayBook App Manager IP address fields in this format >>, << As you can see they are separated by a comma. See image:

After you input IPs, hit save and as you can see from the image above the IPs will be listed at the bottom of the PlayBook App Manager options under Manage your devices:

Click on your WiFi IP address. In this case After you have selected that it will be asking you to insert your password, the same password you inputted when you turned development mode on.
Insert password, hit Log in. After that the rest is cake.

Once you have your BAR file saved to your computer you simply drag that BAR file to the PlayBook App Manager screen. See image:

As you can see from the image above I am dragging the BlackBerry Empire BAR file to the screen, after that you just let go and let it install and you are done. Try it out with the BlackBerry Empire app for . There you have it, if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments below as we will assist you.

We have also started a thread. – List of Working BlackBerry 10 BAR Files. Feel free to download and/or make requests within that thread.