iGrann Instagram Client for BlackBerry 10 RC2 Released – Fixes & New Features

wpid-iGrann-Q10-580x580.pngiGrann Instagram client for BlackBerry 10 has updated to release candidate 2 it containing missing features and bug fixes from previous RC.

The developer has now released a full change log and we have that below for you. Head on over to the iGrann website to download the latest version.

Change Log:

  • Issues when liking/unliking (Fixed)
  • Empty list mode in profile (Fixed)
  • reGrann does not work (Fixed)
  • Empty followers/followin (Fixed)
  • Issue with image in news (Fixed)
  • Notifications do not work (Fixed)
  • HTML code in news (Fixed)
  • Special chars issue when logging, commenting and uploading (Fixed)
  • Custom location for uploads
  • Active Frame restarts to zero (Fixed)
  • Refresh shortcut does not work (Fixed)
  • Profile is not opened when is tapped on a tagged user (Fixed)
  • Use Foursquare API instead of app (Implemented)
  • Active frame for 720×720 improved (Implemented)
  • Open user profile when tag is tapped (Implemented)
  • Ignore user request (Implemented)
  • Clean cache on app close (Implemented)
  • Request confirmation when unfollowing (Implemented)
  • Modern view for media page (Implemented)
  • Hide shortcut in media page (Implemented)
  • Background changed in suggestion list (Implemented)
  • Delete comment (Implemented)
  • And more…