How To Utilize Your Smartphone To Make You A More Successful As An Attorney

Technology has changed every industry in immense ways with the legal industry being no different. A great website that ranks at the top of search engines can lead to large numbers of leads. The targeted searches that many consumers utilize create quality leads as people usually do not search for a specific attorney in their area if they have no interest. The smartphone has made it as easy as ever to stay on track in complex cases as well as stay more organized on a daily basis. The following are tips to help you utilizing your smartphone in order to help you become more successful in your career.

Social Media Presence Can Work Wonders

Having a strong social media presence can turn a specific attorney into the authority on a topic. This will most likely be in their area of expertise but answering these questions that occur online can do a few things. This can showcase knowledge that will create a confidence for those people looking for representation when they do their research. Followers could turn into clients as they might not have realized that their situation could result in legal action. Humanize yourself as an attorney as many people are intimidated or believe an attorney might not care about their case enough.

Setting Meetings In Your Calendar On The Fly

Attorneys in certain areas of law constantly are meeting with new clients or setting meetings to try to pursue a working relationship with a business/individual. Setting meetings has never been easier as you can send an invite to a person’s Google Calendar which will remind them the day of the meeting or right before it. Missing meetings or phone calls that are scheduled is an easy way to lose a client indefinitely.

Collaborating With Others Easily Utilizing Cloud Platforms

There are huge cases that are taken by firms on a daily basis with some of the largest being product liability as well as aviation crash cases. Law firms that take on these cases need to have resources as well as a number of staff members to assist in the process. Keith Williams Law Group is a great example of a firm that has taken huge cases and come out on top for their clients. Cloud platforms where paralegals can collaborate with research they have done can reduce time wasted researching the same aspects of a case multiple times. Organization of files for a case can easily be kept in one secure place on the cloud.

Being Able To Note Ideas/Defenses As They Come To You

There are times when a pitch or a defense comes to your mind for a case that you are working on. Not everyone has a pen available but recording a note via your recorder on your phone can be valuable. Talking out then listening back to your ideas about a case can allow you to see which ones hold weight and which ones were random ramblings. There are even programs that will transcribe recordings to help you reduce the  time needed to search through a recording.

Smartphones are often seen as distractions but when used in the right ways they can help immensely in personal as well as professional ways. Find a few ways you can improve yourself as an attorney by using the tool that is your smartphone.