How to Get More Customers to Follow You on Social Media

Do you want more followers to connect with your business profiles on social media? Of course you do, because it gives you another platform to market to, full of people that are familiar with your business or previous customers that are likely to buy again.

Once you have a strong following on social media it’s easy to roll out offers and send out messages that will drive potential buyers directly to your website. It’s a very powerful and effective marketing tool.

The key is to grow your following, and many businesses get stuck at this part. They seem to stay dead in the water, but all it takes is a little creativity and you can see a steady incline when it comes to the number of followers you have.

Always Have New Growth Contests

Running a contest on social media isn’t that hard. You need a good prize and simple to follow instructions. The most common contests these days look something like this:

  1. Follow us
  2. Tag 3 friends in the comments
  3. Share this post on your Story

All you need to do is offer either a product you sell for free or something like an iPhone or GoPro. People will tag their entire follower list if they think they have a chance at winning.

“Social media contests are very popular right now and they drive great results. They key is to come up with something enticing enough to get those tags and follows,” offers Chris Moberg of Slumber Search.

Offer Discount Incentives

One of the easiest ways to get your customer to follow your social profiles is by offering discount codes or special offers. One clever way to approach this is to offer a special offer to those who follow all of your social media accounts.

A brand that sells CBD melatonin, for example, will want to offer incentive to people for following them on social media. While some may be reluctant at first, offering discounts via Instagram Stories, for example, will cause them to continue following the company.

They are going to do what you ask anyway to access the offer, so why not get the most out of the opportunity. Also, when they are following all of your accounts it decreases the chance of them missing your messages when you post.

Hit Up Your Customer Email List

“Your email list is full of customers that love your company, so just asking them to follow you on Facebook or Instagram will get you new followers almost instantly,” says Henk Schipper of Jaloezieen Fabriek. It’s that easy.

You can also include a “follow us” call to action in your email newsletter template, giving your list the option to follow you every time they open your email.

Have Your Social Profiles Easily Accessible on Your Website

So many companies will have great social media profiles but they keep them hidden in a sense. When you land on their website there are nowhere to be found.

Someone is not likely to go search for you on their own, but if you put your social profile links in front of them they are more likely to click over and give you a follow.

“How will someone know where to find your social profiles unless you tell them? Make it easy to find. The most common place I see them is in the footer or on the contact page. That makes the most sense,” offers the owner of National Pool Fences.