How Technology is Shaping Business  

It is by no doubt that technological advancement has brought positive benefits in the business field. Many people and businesses are embracing a new way of doing things with technology providing the platform. With internet accessibility, the process of conducting business has significantly increased and people can transact remotely. Technology has brought good tidings in the world of business where computer integration helps ease the process of conducting business. Alexander Djerassi, a renowned diplomat, and peacekeeper have pointed out the importance of technological advancement. He has advised businesses to integrate technology with business to remain relevant. There are many ways that technology is shaping the business world today as discussed below:

Technology Has Improved the Process of Sharing Information and Communication

With the advent of technology, businesses have evolved and adopted new ways of sharing information. It is now easy for one business entity to share information with another by the touch of a button. Many cloud sharing platforms have been developed where information sharing is done in real-time. Large file size can also be securely stored in the cloud which ensures security and faster accessibility. Other notable platforms for information sharing are social media, Zoom, Skype, and LinkedIn. For instance, technology has enabled businesses to conduct training online using the zoom platforms that have greatly reduced meeting costs.

The Invention of Smartphones and Other Computer Gadgets Have Impacted Businesses Positively

Businesses have continued to tap into technological advancements like the introduction of smartphones that have changed the scope of doing business. There are many applications software that has been developed to aid in offering business and financial solutions. For instance, we have financial management software that can be downloaded on mobile phones and used by the business on a daily basis. Sales management software is another type of technological advancement that works in favor of business development. As a business, you can be able to monitor your sales activities and revenue incomes using a mobile phone as compared to conventional ways of working with papers.

The Emergence and Use of Artificial Intelligence in Business (AI)
Technological advancement has given birth to the development of artificial intelligence software that helps businesses to thrive. There are things that AI can conduct in a business setup. AI can be used to conduct market research and come up with the behavioral characteristics of your clients. It can help you identify customers that are going to purchase your product early in advance by reading their purchasing behavior. AI has also been used in the security sector to increase vigilance in business. They can single out a potential threat in a business setup which helps to keep the business running normally. Alexander Djerassi worked as an Assistant Secretary of State for Eastern Affairs where he advocated for the importance of integrating the new technological ideas in the growth of the business. Having served as a diplomat in Asian countries, he saw the need of installing security features in business to keep away potential threats. As a business, you should consider investing in new technology in curbing theft like installing updated security systems and CCTV cameras on your premises.