How Technology Improves Safety

smart technology in factory

A New Way to Think About the Role of Technology in the Workplace

If you’re like most employees, you likely feel nervous about bringing your phone or laptop to work every day in case someone accuses you of doing something wrong with it. But, Helen Schifter says that she is thankful technology exists in the workplace because it helps businesses ensure the safety of their employees and customers. Read on to learn more about why Schifter thinks technology makes work better by helping people work more safely and efficiently than ever before.

Occupational Health and Safety

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) is a government agency designed to help ensure safe working conditions. In 1973, OSHA was formed with a mission to prevent work-related injuries, illnesses and deaths by enforcing standards and helping educate workers while also reducing job-related costs.

Strategies In 2021

There are many strategies being employed today that incorporate technology into making our workplaces safer places. These tools include a wide range of biometric security measures that scan employee fingerprints or irises upon entry into a building. This helps prevent unauthorized employees from entering high-security areas such as nuclear power plants.

Digital Tech

Another way that digital technology has been used to increase workplace safety is by means of mobile apps that enable employees who have been granted access to a networked office space from home. If an issue arises, mobile devices allow secure video conferencing between these remote employees and their co-workers still located within the office setting.

Coordinating Efforts

Such coordination saves time, money and frustration on both ends of any given situation. Ultimately, these technologies help improve overall workflow efficiency which can lead to higher profits for any business involved.

Social Media

Each month, a new social media app seems to pop up that claims it’s going to be THE next big thing for businesses and consumers. While many fizzle out as quickly as they appear, some remain solid, viable options for people who want a more creative way to connect with their audience.

Best Apps For Brainstorming

These apps can also help you stay organized, brainstorm ideas and implement your company’s marketing strategy even when you’re on-the-go. Here are three popular social media management tools that have been taking off lately:

  • PostPlanner (professionals)
  • Hootsuite (teams)
  • (individual users)

Once we discuss how each one works individually, we’ll talk about why teams might like using two or all three of these platforms together for a cohesive approach to digital management.

How Can We Make This Happen?

For a moment, put yourself in a parent’s shoes. After many parents have heard of their children being struck and killed by a distracted driver, it became clear that preventing distracted driving would require changes from drivers.

Helen Schifter is thankful that cell phone companies responded by creating applications that track your driving behavior and alert you when you get too close to other cars or drive too fast. Although you could still choose to pick up your phone while driving even with these apps installed, these apps help make it easier for everyone to make better decisions while on their phones while driving.

We’ve come a long way from landline-only households—but we still have a lot more work to do if we want our safety measures today to be as effective as they can be tomorrow.