How Meeting Maker Marketing Campaigns Can Revolutionize Your Marketing Efforts

[The following is a transcript of an interview with Co-Founder and CEO Laurie Beasley of Beasley Direct and Online Marketing, Inc. Interview conducted on September 17th, 2019]

Most forms of marketing have a long cycle before any qualified leads are produced. Hence the reason for implementing meeting maker campaigns. Laurie Beasley, Co-Founder and CEO of Beasley Direct and Online Marketing, Inc. is a huge advocate of meeting maker campaigns. In the interview below, our very own, Brian Edmiston, had the privilege of sitting down with Laurie. They went on to discuss Laurie’s history working in the marketing industry and how meeting maker campaigns could be the very step your business needs to take to reach the next level. 

If you’re not incorporating this into your marketing strategy, you are giving up a massive ROI. Check out the interview below to see how you can begin implementing meeting maker campaigns into your marketing efforts today.

So for those who aren’t familiar, the B2B Marketing Expo will be taking place October the 2nd and 3rd at the LA Convention Center. And it’ll be where we’ll be having thousands of ambitious marketers coming out to get access to the best strategies and tactics for their professional growth as well as access to hundreds of speaker seminars on what you may have been missing in the marketing world. We have the privilege of having Laurie come out and deliver her own speaking seminar called Meeting Maker Marketing Campaigns: How To Connect Sales With Anyone. But before we give a little preview of what marketers can expect to get out of your seminar, I wanted to ask you, Laurie, a little bit about your background. What is your personal experience in the marketing industry?

Well thank you, Brian. I’ve been doing marketing and lead generation for 30 years, literally. I’ve run an agency that’s a full service direct and online marketing agency, working for many many companies, financial services, high tech, health care, and helping them strategize and execute lead generation programs. And I’m an educator. I’ve taught in the University of California system, state system, professional development, for the online marketing institute and the direct marketing association, and the business marketing association, teaching professionals how to strategize and run better lead generation programs in the online marketing program. That led me to start and run a Direct Marketing Association of Northern California and the certification that we run through that organization as well.  

Wow that is quite a lot of experience, my goodness. So Laurie, as I mentioned earlier, you’re the president of two marketing organizations. There’s the DMANC and your own Beasley Direct. Now, I know there’s an endless amount of issues that companies face today in implementing a successful marketing strategy. So, for those who aren’t familiar with your organizations that you run, what do they offer companies that are definitely looking to improve their marketing efforts?

So my agency, we basically augment your company’s marketing department. Nowadays, companies are seriously understaffed and they need help in just about everything in strategizing their marketing programs, running their marketing automation, reporting measurements, execution through analysis, and strategy execution and analysis, and that’s exactly what we do. And often, they don’t even have the time to even sit there and think, “What should we be doing? What is the content we should be creating?” And we actually create the content as well.

Wow, and I know it must be difficult managing all these organizations at once, let alone 2 marketing organizations in themselves. I mean, I know I couldn’t do that. So, besides all that, definitely that hard work involved and managing all that kind of work, I wanted to ask you something a little bit on the lighter side. What is your favorite thing about your career, whether it be satisfied clients, or giving the speaking seminars, or just being the decision maker for all the different things that go on in your daily work? What is it that makes you look forward to coming into work each day?

You know, I have woken up everyday excited about what I do. Marketing is always changing, and I love learning new things, I love how it changes and grows and gets better and better and more interesting, and better analytics. So that’s always been really fun for me. I love the fact that it’s both creative and it’s analytics. I’m creative and I’m an analytic. So it satisfies both the right and the left side of my brain. But the other part of it that I love is many of the clients I’ve had, I have had for years. They take me from company to company to company and they become my friends and I become their trusted partner, and it’s a true partnership. And they trust us to deliver and we work very hard to maintain that trust and deliver for them. 

Wow, that’s wonderful. So not only are you a teacher. You are also an avid learner as well as developing wonderful lasting relationships with all your clients. That’s excellent. 


So Laurie, I wanted to ask, are you excited to be coming out to the show?

I am! This show has intrigued me from the very start, and I’ll tell you why. Most of the shows that are sponsored out there are sponsored by companies. Dreamforce is sponsored by Salesforce. This is not sponsored by any one particular company with any one particular agenda and I think it’s a very good collection of a lot of different speakers, a lot of different exhibitors, and a lot of different partners that are not being pushed into any particular class form or product agenda. And that’s refreshing and I think it’ll be very good.

Great, glad to hear it! So for all the marketers listening in, can you give a little preview of what they can expect at your seminar at The B2B Marketing Expo?

I’m gonna be talking about meeting maker campaigns. And the reason that I’m a huge advocate of meeting maker campaigns is, typically lead generation campaigns, either paperclip, content marketing, or other kinds of lead generation campaigns sort of have a long cycle to produce a qualified lead. I have developed a methodology for sort of short circuiting that cycle by doing a very careful process of developing account based targets and doing a multi-touch methodology of high-end direct mail piece, email, and teleprospecting and social media touch sequence that’s highly creative, highly organized, highly targeted, and very concerted effort to accelerate targeting and penetrating a certain marketplace and developing leads in a complex sale, high priced product type of marketplace, and have some very successful case studies that I’ll be talking about in my session.

The B2B Marketing Expo is taking place October the 2nd & 3rd at the LA Convention Center, where industry leaders from the likes of Heinz Marketing, The Wall Street Journal, Google, Microsoft, PWC, and many more will deliver their KeyNote seminars. Laurie Beasley is among one of them, delivering her KeyNote session titled: Meeting Maker Marketing Campaigns: How To Connect Sales With Anyone. The session will be taking place in Theater 2, Wednesday at 10:15AM. You can also visit Beasley Direct and Online Marketing at their booth at the B2B Marketing Expo at booth #1303.

To learn more about the B2B Marketing Expo, be sure to check out the official B2B Marketing Expo website at and register for your free ticket to the big event by clicking HERE. If you’re interested in seeing what Beasley Direct and Online Marketing is all about, you can check them out at

[The conversation has been edited and condensed for clarity.]