5 fashion styles for the businessmen that goes well with the Blackberry key 2

If there is one thing that is important in the business world, it’s the image. I know it may sound shallow, but the concept of style within a business is just as important as it ever was. 

Nowadays when it comes to style, it’s all about how we accessorise, and if there is one accessory we all covet, it’s our mobile phone. When it comes to mobile phones, Blackberry still manages to hold on to a particular corner of the market.

Blackberry phones have always been popular among businessmen, so today we are going to take a look at 5 fashion styles that go hand in hand with the Blackberry Key 2.

The Tailored Business Man

There is no outfit, a sleek and stylish phone compliments like that of a tailor-made suit. Tailor-made suits have been the image if the high-end businessman for many years now, they will be for many to come.

Tailor-made suits are often custom made to accentuate and show off whatever the wearer is most proud of. I am not a massive fan of the custom-made suit as I’m not overly keen on emphasising my love handles.  

The Smart-Casual Business Man

This is possibly one of the most popular dress codes among the masses. Long gone are the 1980s and the yuppy complexes that came with it. Businessmen have now found a comfortable middle ground when it comes to fashion.

Smart-Casual takes the best of looking good and partners it with feeling comfortable. Pairing an outfit like this with a real business phone can make you stand out from the crowd.

The Casual Businessman

A common misconception among onlookers is that all businessmen have a mechanical wardrobe that’s full to the brim of suits. This, of course, is not the case. Many businessmen nowadays opt for a casual look.

You will quite often find the top dogs of the company head to toe in Champion clothing. Generally, clothing like this gives comfort and a sharp edge to the wearer. As for it complimenting a phone, casual wear goes with any phone. 

Let’s face it, when it comes to casual wear, it’s not just what you wear, it’s how you wear it.

The Business Casual Look

There is often a lot of confusion between smart-casual and business casual. I will start by saying they are two very different things. Business casual clothing can often be more of a dress down than smart casual. 

Business casual is more often than not open to interpretation. Now, when I say open to interpretation, you should not interpret this the wrong way. Going to work dressed as Elsa from frozen may result in you getting fired.

Dress Down Business Man

Every businessman has a complete dress down day once in a while, and who can blame them. Donning a t-shirt, shorts and a pair of Champion trainers and heading to the office is nothing to be shy about.


In reality, it seems whatever your dress sense, the Blackberry goes with all. So feel free to don that casual work look, after all, you deserve it.