HootSuite To Roll Out New Mobile App


  If you are a HootSuite for BlackBerry user, you may have received an email today letting you know about some upcoming changes.

  On May 7th, 2013, Twitter will be shutting off their version 1.0 API causing some functionality issues with the current app. HootSuite has a solution and is now taking registrations for their brand new mobile-optimized web app. Currently slated as an invite only beta version release, if you are a mobile user of HootSuite, you may want to register and get on the list to give this newly revamped HTML 5 app a try.

  Some of the features the new HootSuite app will have:

     – Will work on most recent iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows devices

     – Can access your streams and tabs from anywhere

     – Ensures a secure social media experience

     – Advanced users will be able to use the new app for monitoring customer feedback, tracking clients and keywords across multiple platforms

  Unfortunately a search through the BlackBerry World will show HootSuite is not currently available for BlackBerry 10 devices, but hopefully part of the new release will be to have this capability. I have reached out to HootSuite to find out definitively if BlackBerry 10 will be supported in the new release. Once I receive word from them I will update this post to reflect the information, good or bad.

UPDATE: Via @HootSuite_Help the new app will work on BlackBerry 10. Great news! In the meantime look below on how to get HootSuite on your BlackBerry 10 device.

  If you want HootSuite on your BlackBerry 10 device now however, you can download the  BAR file and sideload it. I have it on my Z10 and it works fine, but I am still looking forward to what the new app will bring. Instructions on how to sideload apps to your BlackBerry 10 device are here.

  I have used this app on my BlackBerry devices and found the ability to have Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress and Google + pages all in one spot, while also having the ability to post to any and all of these at any point, is a great feature. There are many other great features and if you are a mobile social media app abuser, this could be for you. Register for the new app here and tell us what you currently like about the app and what you are looking for most in the upcoming release.