Give a touch of IOS to your BB with HDV B7i by HedoneDesign

Alright, so are you a fan of Apple? But love your Blackberry more? Well with this new theme from HedoneDesign, you can! Replicate the iPhone look on to your device and get a totally different look. IOS graphics and a clean banner make this a nice change of pace from the standard OS7 or Playbook icons. To get a better look, keep reading…

Deault Screen for B71

When you download this theme, you get the classic water drop background from the iPhone, and iPhone style font and meters in the top mini banner. I really like how developers are making the OS7 theme banners smaller than what the default one is. Allows for better viewing of your wall paper and in my opinion, looks nicer. For someone who dearly misses true custom themes (c’mon TB7) any little or new feature is a plus.

User selected wp with Iphone icons

The main difference with this theme are the iPhone icons. So if you’re a fan, then this theme is for you.
A good mix of the default Blackberry 7 layout with IOS graphics. Hedone has done a good job incorporating elements of both Blackberry and Apple into a very nice looking theme. It runs smooth and I haven’t noticed any performance issues at all. HDV Bi7 is available for most OS6 and OS7 devices, and you can get it here for $6.99. A little pricey, but way cheaper than an iPhone:) So try it out!!

Wall Paper friendly!