Fortify Your BlackBerry with Arch: A Theme of Structural Wonders by RJ Design

Arch is an elegant theme by RJ Design that combines a permanent three icon dock with a hide-able 11 item text dock. Everything you need on your BlackBerry will be accessible  from the home screen using one of the three buttons in the bottom banner. Arch is both feature-packed and graceful  at the same time. It is the ultimate in BlackBerry access while retaining the awe-inspiring look of innovation.

Default home screen of Arch

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The most obvious feature of the theme is the text dock. The font style and size make app titles very readable on the home screen. To dismiss the text dock, simply click anywhere on the outside of the “arch”¬† and it slides away. To access it again, click the left-most arrow at the bottom of the screen. Biggest complaint about tiny BlackBerry screens? Hard to see or read text. Not with Arch! The text dock is a beauty, and the main reason I will keep this one in my rotation of themes! I love a text dock and this one has plenty of room on it.

Arch text dock

The weather slot resides in the upper-most left corner when the dock is rolled away. As soon as you click the arrow to bring in the dock, the weather slot slides right so it is always visible. At this point, all of your home screen is condensed to show on one HALF of your screen. All the meters, clock, OCD slot, date and notification bar still appear along with your top 3 user chosen icons with the text dock as well. That’s access to 15 apps. 15! What more do you need?

Arch with user wallpaper and text dock hidden

The three icons are in slots 2-4. Slots 5-21 are reserved for the text dock titles, and slot 1 is for the OCD slot (often BeWeather as shown here, or some equivalent). BeWeather purchased separately, of course.

Arch with user wallpaper and 3 icon dock and OCD off

Another shortcut is the Clock Options, which are activated by clicking the large clock at the top. I love large clocks. So easy to see. Hide the OCD slot with the X at the bottom and show your Today screen with the arrow to the right. Once your Today screen is showing, you may close it with the X now on the right.

Arch Today screen

A multitude of apps available from your home screen, a graceful but strong arch in the form of a text dock, a permanent 3 icon dock of your most needed apps, and an OCD slot; all these qualities are wrapped into one fantastic theme. Let Arch be the gateway to a more beautiful and functional BlackBerry. Purchase Arch here for $1.49 at Mobihand.

Arch with user wallpaper