Former BlackBerry Execs Launch Score More Baseball, Simplified Scorekeeping and More

Score More Baseball

Former BlackBerry executives Mike Kirkup and Brian Zubert who once led the way for BlackBerry Developer Relations have let us know about their new app – Score More Baseball, currently available for BlackBerry, Android and iOS.  Score More keeps your scorekeeping simple and optimizes your batting order mirroring that of the Moneyball. The app will also conveniently score your games and perform all of the stat tracking for you.  Check out the full press release below.

BlackBerry Execs Turned Startup Advisors Launch Score More Baseball

Mike Kirkup and Brian Zubert, former leaders in BlackBerry’s Developer Relations, have joined forces to put “Moneyball” into the pockets of coaches and players with Score More Baseball. Waterloo, ON – March 17, 2015 – Today, the mobile app Score More Baseball launches for Android, BlackBerry, and iOS. Score More Baseball simplifies the scoring of baseball games and brings the power of “Moneyball” to amateur, rec, and youth baseball teams, using the same performance-based approach now used by over a dozen Major League Baseball teams.

Score More Baseball makes baseball scorekeeping so fast and easy that any coach, teammate, or parent can quickly and accurately score the game on their phone or tablet, which then applies the “Moneyball” approach to the team’s batting order, helping the team enjoy longer rallies, strand fewer runners, and ultimately, score more runs. All stats are stored in the cloud, allowing the coach and the players to track both their team and individual progress.

The idea for the app was conceived not long after Brian Zubert was laid off from his position at BlackBerry. In his personal time, he’d been doing stat tracking in Microsoft Excel using the “Moneyball” approach with his men’s slo-pitch team. “After each game, I used to take the pen and paper scoresheets, try to make sense of what our scorekeeper wrote down, and manually enter all that data into Excel. It took a lot of time, but it was worth it. We went from bottom third of the league in runs scored to top third, in just one season.”

Mike Kirkup, who leads the Velocity entrepreneurship program at the University of Waterloo, was actually the person who hired Brian at BlackBerry many years ago and they’ve remained in close contact ever since. When Brian reached out to Mike in April of last year and pitched him on the idea of Score

More Baseball, Mike was hesitant. After Mike talked to every ball player he knew, their enthusiasm for the idea made a believer out of him. In a BBM conversation the day before Mike took off for a Caribbean vacation, Brian asked Mike if he was interested in teaming up on Score More Baseball. “I told him I’d think about it. Turns out, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I came back from that trip with pages full of notes and even some of the first screen designs.” Six months later, Score More was in beta with five teams playing indoor baseball.

Today, Score More Baseball marks its launch in Google Play, BlackBerry World, and iOS App Store. Details available at