Feed Your BlackBerry Phone Theme Addiction with Slice by BrewThemes

BlackBerry theme addicts; have I got a theme for you. Today’s flavor of the day is brought to you by a very good friend of mine and a fellow Rambler, MiddBrew of BrewThemes. Midd has created several other winning themes (* see Adler and BrewToo) but this one is his first premium  theme called Slice. (There is also a Slice Black in the works, so be looking for that as well.)

Default screen on Slice by MiddBrew

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MiddBrew was spurred on by a desire for a theme that fulfilled his needs and out of that desire, Slice was born. It is a very slick theme consisting of a stylish home screen arrangement of meters and icons, an OCD or weather slot and a hide-able 7 mini icon dock. If you want a classic style with a little flash and lots of ease, Slice is for you.

Slice home screen with user selected wallpaper

As you cans see form my screen shot, the notification bar hold 5 indicators, something that is missing from even the most premium of themes these days. The large clock is easy to read and off-set with stylish black lines, giving the theme a classic look. On the bottom of the home screen, you will see the BB logo which calls up the mini icon dock of 7 icons. To dismiss the dock, hit ESC.

Slice with user selected wallpaper and dock visible

Also, there are a few shortcuts on the home screen, too. The clock leads to the Clock Options and the signal meter to Manage Connections; making it easier to manage both. The app screen and other screen of the theme are a charcoal background. The focus icon is light colored and allows for easy viewing. The menus and highlights are also of a good contrast.

Slice menu

The operation of the theme is smooth and sleek. There is no lag or choppiness on my Bold 9650. Slice looks great with almost any wallpaper. If you use a light colored wallpaper, be looking for the Slice Black version of this theme in the Mobihand store and BlackBerry App World shortly. The Black version will have black lettering and allow for better vision on light colored  wallpapers. The font is user customizable throughout, which is a big plus. Fonts that are too tiny or can’t be changed turn off theme users quickly.

Slice with user selected wallpaper

Want to feed your addiction? Grab a Slice. This new premium theme by BrewThemes is a really satisfying one. The developer is very responsive to any comments and questions. He is a frequent poster here at BBE in the forums and also on CB. You may reach him at either place.

To purchase this theme, go to our BBE Mobihand store here. It is availabe for $1.49 for the following devices and OS versions: 9650 OS6, 9650 OS5,  8500 OS5, 9780 OS6, 9700 OS6, 9700 OS5, 9630 OS5.

Don’t miss out on Slice. It will feed your BlackBerry.

Slice with user selected wallpaper