Carphone Warehouse Selfridges Sells 2000 BlackBerry Q10’s In 90 Minutes


Quite a few people have expressed concerns about sales of BlackBerry 10 handsets over the last little while, and understandably so. BlackBerry really needs them to sell well, after all. But there’s some very good news from the UK today – Carphone Warehouse Selfridges is said to have sold out all two thousand BlackBerry Q10’s they had in stock today within 90 minutes.

That is an absolutely insane figure, working out to 22.2 phones sold every minute. Now, in fairness, a lot of the people buying were exporters looking purchase as many as 20 units – after all, the phone isn’t available anywhere but Selfridges until Monday, and only in the UK until the Canadian launch on Wednesday. Selfridges is also the highest-selling retail location in the UK, housing six sizable BlackBerry retail booths. But regardless, any sale for BlackBerry is a good sale, and those phones are bound to end up in someone’s hands at some point. Moreover, there were still people lined up several hours after launch, hoping to secure a Q10 for whenever new stock arrived.

Perhaps the most interesting tidbit, however, is that the manager seemed to suggest that this was far better than the Z10’s launch, or any other phone launch the store had ever seen. She claims it was “leagues beyond anything they had seen.” I guess we may have to wait until the next earnings report to find out just how well this will reflect on overall sales, but it certainly bodes well for BlackBerry.

Source: Seeking Alpha