Bring Sexy back to your BB with Noire, a new theme from Xan of IHeartMyBB

As soon as she released the hit theme Lex, Xan was hard at work with her next project.  Xan doesn’t often make girly themes, so for all  your ladies who like pink, this one’s for you.  Noire is not only pink, it’s black, lacey, and very sexy.  Noire has all the usual features of a theme from Xan – which includes hidden banners, dock, OCD, and notifications.  All this and changeable text color for your clock and date in your guessed it – Pink or Black, or both!  Read on and let’s have a look at Noire – it’s HOT!


Default Home Screen

The default home screen boasts a custom wallpaper made by Xan herself.  It’s all black lace, and we all know about black lace…it’s sexy, right?   The bottom banner is a sleek silver highlighted with pink which holds the date and time.  Below that is the dock with 7 mini icons on a pink background.  This theme can’t get any more pink and girly and yes, it looks hot…


Options and more options!!


A ton of options are available to you via hot keys and buttons.  To show and hide the dock scroll up from the clock, and a heart will appear – simply click on or off.  When the dock is hidden it scrolls down leaving that tiny bit of lace showing…:-)  To show the OCD, use hot keys +/-.   You also have an option menu that can be accessed with keys 5/6.  With this you can select the color of the clock and date.  Notifications are keys 3/4.  Not done yet!  There is a top banner that holds the signal and battery meters.  Use 1/2 to show or hide.   Make this theme yours, make it as hot and sexy as you like!


Yes, it’s pink.  You still get the peek a boo lace on the top of the screen, and the focus icon has a semi transparent lace background also.  Bows and hearts as new message notifications make this theme the perfect choice for the ladies.  The menu’s are black with pink highlights (of course).    I won’t lie…I’m not a huge pink fan, but with this theme the sexiness is what I like.  And the customization.  And the little touches that Xan has added to give the theme a consistent look.  Which is hot.


Home Screen


Noire is also very wall paper friendly.  Although I have chosen to go with mainly pink or black wall papers,  I’m sure it would look great with any.   The berry weather you see here is one made by yours truly to compliment the theme.  It’s called – Noire!  Xan has also created a battery ex skin to go with the theme.. You can download both at IHeartMyBB.

Home Screen


Noire is a sexy theme that all the ladies must have for their BlackBerry’s.   I’ve had it on for awhile and it runs smooth and there is no lag.  The hot keys are easy to remember, and has a lot of options.  Xan typically doesn’t make all girly themes, so gals, get this one!   You can get it at IHeartMyBB for only $2.99 for Bold OS6 and Torch 9800.    Want some sexy back?  Well now’s your chance to spice up your Berry..with Noire.

Home Screen