New BlackBerry Theme by Pootermobile is D-Light (ful)

From The World of Pootermobile comes a new theme for your BlackBerry phone and it is sure to D-Light you! The theme is called D-Light and it combines several unique elements to add some sparkle to your phone. It features a text dock and an OCD slot along with some other neat features.

Default home screen of D-Light by Pootermobile

There are several outstanding features of this theme. At first glance, you notice the text dock running down the left-hand side of the screen. On my Bold 9650, I can fit 9 text items and they correspond with icons 1-9 on my application screen. There is also an OCD slot, which is used here for BeWeather.  The other outstanding feature is the clock which is partially obscured by a divider but is still very easily readable.

D-Light with user selected wallpaper

All the info you need from your BlackBerry is there front and center. The feature that is rarely found in any theme is the ability, from the home screen, to get immediate access to your pictures folder. You do this by clicking on the lower right-hand corner. In the screen shot above, you will see the highlight is orange.

App screen of D-Light

As you can see, the icons are custom and add a bit of whimsy to the theme. There are transitions throughout the theme. I personally love the transitions that Pooter creates as they are always smooth and fast. There is absolutely no lag whatsoever with this theme.

D-Light with user selected wallpaper

One theme design you should be aware of is the that any wallpaper you use will be dimmed a bit to allow the readability of the text dock. That is, any wallpaper will appear a bit darker than it really is. You can see the difference I am talking about by looking at the media corner. One thing I forgot to mention is that you are allowed a TON of indicators across the top of the screen. I hate it when I can see only how many messages I have and the temp. There is so much more I rely on my phone for and with D-Light, you can see ALL your indicators.

D-Light wth user selected wallpaper

This theme is excellent for you if you want to be productive, if you want to access your icons easily in a text dock, or if you want to see your wallpaper but be able to have icons available. The signature orange highlights and custom icons add a blast of color to your phone.

D-Light by Pootermobile available here for $3.99

It is sure to D-Light you and light up your phone!!!

D-Light with user selected wallpaper