BlackBerry’s contract with Pentagon marks a big win for the company, new system, 98% will be BlackBerrys

BlackBerry Monument LogoWe all know BlackBerry devices are the most secured devices in the world, back in August of 2013, BlackBerry was awarded “Authority to Operate” on U.S. Department of Defense Networks which validated BlackBerry’s security model.

Despite the governments failed attempt to switch their devices over to Android and iOS, then reverting back to BlackBerry, a new report from NextGov is confirming that BlackBerry devices will make up 98% percent of devices used in the new secured Pentagon system while Android and iOS will make up 2% combined.

About 80,000 BlackBerrys and 1,800 Defense-owned Apple and Android-based phones and tablets will begin being hooked up to the new management system on Jan. 31, officials announced on Friday.

Looks like BlackBerry will be starting their year off very strong, hopefully this momentum keeps rolling for a better future.