BlackBerry not ready to release another tablet

wpid-playbookBlackBerry will definitely consider another tablet but they are not ready for it, while many sites may have reported this as a coming soon thing this is definitely not what the company’s vice-president of global product management Francois Mahieu meant, when you are talking about new products and services it is business as usual, of course BlackBerry will be open to the idea or possibility but it is just not currently in their plans.When asked about BlackBerry’s only tablet, the PlayBook here is what Mr. Mahieu had to say, “When we launched PlayBook, beyond the fact that everybody knows that PlayBook was no a huge success, everybody loved it, I wouldn’t be surprised if we have a meeting one day and I show you a tablet. We have equity in that space, but we’re not ready. We need more time.”

Until then we could only hope for the PlayBook 2, when it comes to BlackBerry don’t be surprised for similar type of products that let you turn your BlackBerry smartphone into a true computer and having the ability to connect to your laptop/PC in a productive way.