BBM desktop client will most likely not happen says Head of BBM

John_SimsWhile the development of BBM is stronger than ever right now there are currently no plans to create a BBM desktop client says John Sims, Head of Enterprise and BBM, BlackBerry is currently focusing on mobile applications and expanding to other platforms such as Windows and Nokia.I would like to see a desktop client for BBM later down the road but I am sure they will create other desktop type of clients that allow you to pair your device via WiFi to desktop and send/receive msgs. The biggest complaint regarding BBM is being not able to use multiple devices and having all your conversations/contacts sync, right now BBM only allows for one device to be signed in at a time via BlackBerry ID, hopefully BlackBerry comes up with a solution soon.

Good to see they are finally “addressing” the 6MB file sharing transfer limit, something that has been requested for years.