BlackBerry open to idea of breakup if Fairfax deal doesn’t get done


Even though Prem Watsa is confident his company’s deal goes through for the takeover of BlackBerry, Bloomberg  is reporting that BlackBerry has “warmed up” to the idea of a company breakup.

Now why would BlackBerry be interested in a breakup? They will get more than what the company is worth selling it off into pieces, i’m assuming BlackBerry has been convinced this might be the right way to go if deal doesn’t go through as Prem Watsa still needs to come up with the proper funding and investors.

Albert Fried & Co.: Whether Fairfax’s bid is successful or not, “breaking it up sounds more appetizing for all involved,” he said.

There are still several other companies reportedly interested, Cerberus Capital Management, Google, SAP, Cisco even former Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis might be interested in a joint bid.

Not too long till the due diligence period is over, time will tell.