BlackBerry Dev Alpha C Devices With QWERTY Keyboard Distributed After Jan 30 Launch

BlackBerry N-Series


We just got word that BlackBerry Dev Alpha C devices with QWERTY keyboards will be distributed after the January 30th launch event, this is great for potential users and specially developers that will test their apps on. The screen resolution in the BlackBerry L-Series or known as all-touch and N-Series QWERTY keyboards are different, so it will be essential for developers to make sure their apps are running smoothly on both screen resolutions.

These will be prototype devices with keyboard for testing only.


RIM will distribute prototypes with physical keyboards after the new software platform’s official debut on Jan. 30, said Victoria Berry, a company spokeswoman. Developers were given touch-screen versions months ago, letting them design applications for the phones. The pending keyboard prototypes will be known as Dev Alpha C devices, she said.

– Via Bloomberg