BlackBerry 10 Training Program Site goes Live in Australia

Seems like BlackBerry 10 is moving along very nice within businesses in North America. So far RIM has confirmed that more than 1600 businesses have signed up for BlackBerry 10 training since it was made available in December 2012.

This training program has been well received from Fortune 500 companies, law firms, government, and retailers stated RIM’s senior director of enterprise accounts Bryan Lee. Mr. Lee added “We’re very encouraged by the participation of the types of customers.” These businesses are expected to be some of the first companies to have BlackBerry 10 once they become available.

RIM Australia stated that this program was being extended to Australian businesses as well. That program went live on Thursday.

It’s great to see so many businesses from all over the world getting on board with BlackBerry 10. Now just bring on January 30th.

Thanks Tee for sending this in.

Source: RapidBerry