BlackBerry and Boeing are collaborating to bring a self destructing Smartphone


itmkXzfrrX5gOn Friday’s earnings call, John Chen said a few words on BlackBerry collaborating with Boeing: “We’re pleased to announce that Boeing is collaborating with BlackBerry to provide a secure mobile solution for Android devices utilizing our BES12 platform,”. Followed by “That by the way is all they allow me to say.”

Whilst Boeing is creating the self destructing device running Android, the two companies are working closely together to ensure BlackBerry’s EMM solution “BES12” works with the device to a certain standard. BES12 may even be embedded into the device. The information is not concrete, but what’s certain is that the device Boeing is creating will be self-destructing and will run BES12.

According to Bloomberg Businessweek:

The companies are “pursuing a number of opportunities” that would pair the Boeing device with BlackBerry’s server, Andy Lee, a Boeing spokesman, said in a phone interview.

“Boeing has decades of experience providing defense and security customers with secure communications,” Lee said. “We are working with BlackBerry to help them ensure the BES12 operating system is compatible with, and optimized for use by, the ultra-secure mobile devices favored by the defense and security community.”

This sounds like an exciting venture BlackBerry has entered itself into. The two companies are using each others expertise to bring Government officials the most secure phone to date.

Source: Bloomberg Busiessweek