BlackBerry Beta Zone app updated – Notifications and discussion improvements


If you are a member of the BlackBerry Beta zone and have been using their app then there is an update now available for you. To get the update all you have to do is to open the app itself and then it will there waiting. We have the change log below for any of you that may want to check that out.


New in this version:

  • Notifications:
    • Notifications implemented for new Programs, Downloads, and Surveys – Note: Notifications will be tested with BlackBerry beta programs to start. Functionality will be extended to 3rd Party Developers at a later date.
  • Discussion Improvements:
    • Infinite scrolling – more threads/posts will load below as you scroll
    • You can now edit your own posts from the app
    • HUB notifications for new posts in categories/threads you have subscribed to
  • As well as some minor bug improvements

Let us know if you see anything different or if you run into any issues.