BBM for BlackBerry 10 updated, adds refined method in adding new contacts and more!


BBM for BlackBerry 10 has also been updated today, bringing the relatively same changes as its iOS counterpart just received today. This update brings the version number to, bringing a much refined method in adding new contacts to your BBM list! Read more to see the changes.

The changelog includes:

A newly redesigned “Invite” screen where you can quickly and easily:

  • Add new contacts to BBM by PIN, email, SMS, and barcde
  • Review and accept invites from other BBM users
  • Find friends using BBM
  • Invite address book contacts to download BBM
  • Display your barcode and scan barcodes all in one screen
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

New BBM Protected support for enterprise customers operating in Balance Work/Personal mode
Chat with friends, family and colleagues on Windows Phone devices

As you’ll see below the new method of inviting new users to BBM. The barcode feature is pretty neat, allowing to scan a barcode or having your barcode scanned at the same time, just saving that extra step.

BBM Barcode Scan

Invite to BBM

Send Invitation

Fire up BlackBerry World to update BBM, you should receive the notification nonetheless.

Download BBM for BlackBerry 10