Another Leaked Render Shows A Better Look Of The BlackBerry Venice’s Keyboard

Evan Blass has done it again. Another leak of the BlackBerry Venice slider smartphone has been revealed via Twitter in a tweet from his profile. This time it’s another render. Just in case you have not seen the previous render of the smartphone, you can take a look at it here.

Another render of the new BlackBerry Venice slider smartphone.

Unlike previous leaks, this one shows you a much better look at the device’s keyboard. It may remind you of the keyboard seen in the BlackBerry Torch way back during BlackBerry’s era, just with a sleeker look.

If the last leak from Mr. Evan is true, we may finally see the real deal later in November this year.

Just in case you want to compare the new render with the previous leaked images, take a look below :

For now this is as good as the information on the BlackBerry Venice can get when BlackBerry has not even said a word about the device. It is unknown if there will be public versions of the smartphone running on the Android OS that will be available to consumers, but it will be cool to see an Android phone with a good physical keyboard.