Android Games For Your BlackBerry Device


For the past year or so, there has been a great deal of attention paid to the idea of BBM rolling out for iOS and Android mobile users. We even wrote this March about the roll-out of BBM Protected to Android and iOS, which essentially provided a gigantic range of users with a new option for secure instant messaging. But among all this talk, there’s been little mention of the fact that BlackBerry devices have also become far more compatible with Android apps, thanks to a deal with Amazon’s Android app store. In fact, even Android apps not available in this store can be converted for use on a BlackBerry 10, as detailed by CNET.

The result of this transition is that the utility of BlackBerry devices has vastly improved, with a virtually endless array of apps at the disposal of users. To help BlackBerry users to take advantage of this development—specifically with regard to entertainment—here are some particularly great Android games in popular categories that you might consider loading up onto your BB10.

Puzzle Gaming – Monument Valley

Developed by Ustwo as an artistic indie game, Monument Valley wound up taking off as one of the most popular apps of 2014 for iOS and Android platforms. Employing geometrically brain-teasing landscapes and a dreamlike atmosphere, the game instructs you to guide a princess through various levels simply with point-and-click guidance. The game’s chief flaw is that it ought to be longer and perhaps slightly more difficult, but playing it is almost a surreal experience.

Action Gaming – Brothers In Arms 3

Released late in 2014, this third-person shooter is the action game a lot of smartphone gamers have been waiting for. Instead of trying to shrink a first-person console shooter into mobile form as so many have tried to do, Gameloft designed Brothers In Arms 3 as a top-notch shooter meant for smaller devices. The result is a beautiful game that’s surprisingly easy to control and surprisingly expansive in content.

Arcade Gaming – Ridiculous Fishing

Another product of indie gaming developers—in this case the Dutch company Vlambeer, which consists of just a handful of people —Ridiculous Fishing has been a popular app game for some time. Basically, it’s an arcade game in which you cast a line and control a baited fishing hook as it falls through the depths of the ocean. The goal is to avoid obstacles as long as possible so as to get the line deep, and then snag as many fish as you can while bringing it back up. It’s a simple concept, but it succeeded in large part due to its unique look and sound.

Casino Gaming – Betfair Bingo

The online casino portion of the gaming industry has a number of different developers and distributors competing for space, but few create games as professional as Betfair‘s. The bingo app from this developer seems to have been designed with a no-frills-necessary approach, opting for realistic looking graphics and simple gameplay as opposed to the distractions and bells and whistles you’ll find on a lot of casino apps.

Sports Gaming – Flick Shoot

MobileCraft developed this soccer arcade game, it would seem, as one meant to be easy for mobile platforms. It’s basically a flick-to-shoot free kick experience, in which the direction and pattern of your swipe across the screen will dictate a shot on goal. However, the game is surprisingly rich in execution, featuring seven different game modes and engaging graphics. As such, it’s one of the most enjoyable sports games to have on your device.
Collections of top apps change fairly frequently. But if you’re a BB10 user looking to expand your collection now that Android apps are readily available, these are some of the games that can be most rewarding!