Always Know the Time with Hourly LED Color Lights for BlackBerry

This app is one that’s worth the try. It’s called Hourly LED Color Lights and is designed to make sure you always know what time it is. The app allows you to set a different LED color for each of the 24 hours of the day. Continue reading for more details.

This is very useful – for instance – you can set it to “Red” from 3 am to 4 am – this way, if you wake up and see the red glow around your BlackBerry you will know it’s between 3-4 am. Then, you can set it to also “Blue” from 7 to 8 am – and you’ll know it’s time to wake up – it’s great!

This app is very simple to use and a great addition to your BlackBerry.

Download here for only $0.99