24K Gold-plated BlackBerry Priv Revealed in Vietnam

Karalux has been known for making gold versions of smartphones and the company has finally revealed a 24K gold-plated BlackBerry Priv. Priced at $1,500 US, the first gold version of the Priv will be sold in Vietnam.

You can see more pictures below :

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You can also see what they had to say below :

In Vietnam, the first BlackBerry Priv will be sold on Dec. 05th 2015. But at the moment, Karalux has a BlackBerry Priv to conduct gilding and introduce to technology lovers and BlackBerry fans. Unlike the previous generations, it is a little bit more difficult to disassemble BlackBerry Priv. Karalux engineers took nearly 2 hours to “operate” its details, and spent 4 more hours with more than 10 different procedures to complete the first gold-plated BlackBerry Priv in Vietnam. For domestic customers, it costs VND 8 million for the gold-plating service, and 25 million for both phone and gold-plating. For international customers, the price is VND 30 million ( about 1500 USD )/ gold-plated handset.

The BlackBerry Priv is BlackBerry’s first Android powered smartphone, sporting a 5-inch QHD display with a Snapdragon 80 CPU and 3GB of RAM. The gold version of the smartphone is almost double the price for the Priv’s unlocked version as seen sold at ShopBlackBerry.

Do you think $1,500 US is worth it for the gold version of the BlackBerry Priv?