Your Data or Your Life: Protect Your BlackBerry Against Hackers, Theft


Your BlackBerry device is more than just a phone. It’s akin to a mini-computer that contains vital information and sensitive data that could cause you a world of woes in the hands of hackers and thieves. Keep your smartphone data safe, secure and untouchable by treating your BlackBerry. Even the newest smartphones can have minor vulnerabilities, but we’re giving you ways to protect.

Make Passwords a Priority

Password protection is the start of any effective BlackBerry security strategy, and you need loads of various passwords to gain access to any number of websites and apps. Instead of compromising security by storing passwords in a vulnerable spot, you can store them all securely in the eWallet app.

BusinessInsider says not only does eWallet keep all your passwords in a single, fortified location but it also helps you create passwords that are tough to crack. It can additionally store credit card numbers and other sensitive data and is available for BlackBerry as well as your laptop or home computer.

Update, Update, Update

Go for regular updates. Most smartphone updates contain security patches, PCMag says, so pay attention when they pop up and install them promptly. Also stay on top of the latest security suites or antivirus tools available, as both can help defend against unwanted intrusions.

Mind your Malware (Android ported apps)

Be mindful of malware. Malware can be everywhere, and it can do very bad things. Stealing your data, messing up your device or even sending automatic authorizations that allows charges on your cell phone bill are all within its scope. Only download apps from trusted sources and looking into apps that can help protect against malware.

The BlackBerry website notes several precautions you can take, such as application control features available through BlackBerry’s Enterprise Server, which protect not only your own phone but phones and devices throughout an entire organization if need be.

Location Services

Turn off location, location, location. The location data on your phone can serve as an open invitation to theft, stalking and all types of other creepy and dangerous stuff. Turn it off! You can shut off your BlackBerry’s main location setting for overall protection and then block your location data from apps that don’t need it to perform their functions. The New York Times warns to also check your phone’s camera settings, as some are adjusted to track the location of every photo your take.

Enjoy Encryption

You’ll especially enjoy encryption since it protects your data even if thieves get a hold of your phone and get around your password. BlackBerry allows for various encryption options, including your calendar, address book contacts, the BlackBerry Browser and your tasks. Take encryption to the texting level by going for an app such as Tiger Text, which health care professionals use to protect any texts they receive and send.

Limit Permissions

Many apps want permission to access every single shard of personal and other info from your phone. Just say no, advises, and make sure you read the entire list of permissions the apps want to gain. Cancel any app installations that ask for permissions that don’t seem logical or relevant to the app.