You Can Now Upload An Entire Folder To Your Account With UploadToFlickr

If you’re the owner of a BlackBerry 10 device, you know there is no native app for Flickr. Therefore, we must rely on third-party app developers to create such apps for our use. Thanks to the well known developer known as Sven Ziegler, UploadToFlickr is a reality.

UploadToFlickr is an app that lets you upload content to Flickr, just like its name suggests.

An update has been rolled out for the app that lets you upload an entire folder to Flickr, reducing the time you’ll spend selecting each photo one at a time. In addition to this additional feature, some other stuff were rolled out with the update.

Below you can learn about the new features that are found in the updated version of the application :

  • A new feature that lets you upload an entire folder to¬†Flickr.
  • Modifications for the BlackBerry Passport and the BlackBerry 10.3.2 OS.
  • Bug fixes to improve the app’s stability.

Unfortunately, UploadToFlickr doesn’t give its users the ability to show you your photos or streams, however, who knows if the developer plans to roll out a larger update at a later date to include those features. As of now, the app is just a content uploading service for Flickr.

The app is free to download from BlackBerry World, however, you will be required to upgrade to the pro version if you wish to upload content to a specific folder. Upgrading to pro isn’t as expensive as it sounds – it will only set you back by $0.99 US.