“Xetro” by HedoneDesign gives you the edge

Boy am I glad to see quality themes resurface on the scene.  The newest release from HedoneDesign is awesome.  Why?  Because it’s different.  Because you have 3 different screens to choose from that all glide smoothly from one to the other.  Because the “dock” has your 7 favorite apps listed with a number.  And because, even with all this, it has an unbelievable small file size.  It’s a super charged theme, packed in a tiny footprint.   Let’s read more and give your Blackberry the edge in “cool.”‘


Default Homescreen



This is what you see when you load Xetro.   Actually this is the 2nd screen which lists your first 7 favorite apps.  The number beside it corresponds to the function..you will see from the today screen how it works.  The top banner has all the important information so you only need to look up top to see it all.   I like the way it’s laid out and the look of the custom signal meters.  Nice size OCD slot on the right side.  Very clean, and I really do think it looks edgy.  It’s different.


Today Screen


To get to the next screen, scroll left as the arrow indicates on the home screen, and the today screen glides into view.  It has a semi transparent tint, so your wallpaper will still show, but very understated.  I mentioned the numbers – here you can tell.  The message list is function 1, the calendar list function 2, and so on continuing on the next screen with your next 7 apps.  5 entries for both messages and calendar.   Moving from screen to screen is so smooth and easy, you won’t need to go to the app screen at all.  And no special hot keys to remember.   See what I mean by different?   Cutting edge.




One more view.  Scroll to the dock screen and scroll up.  Everything hides, leaving  you with a clean view of your wallpaper.  It’s easy to bring the other screens back by scrolling down from the ocd slot.   I would like to see the blue focus to hide, (it doesn’t) for a cleaner and uniform banner.  I’m hoping Hedone will do this in the next update.  Otherwise, this theme is way cool.


Application Screen


If you must go to the app screen, it has a black background with custom grey icons that keep with the semi-transparent look of the various screens.  The menus also keep in line with that.   Creative and unique.


Dock Screen


Xetro is different and edgy.  Giving you 3 screen options with a it’s own special flair.  I like the tint of the today and dock screens.  I was in the mood for a change and something different, and was psyched when this released.  Hedone has created a very cool theme.  And best of all? It’s under 400k!  Hard to believe that all this can be powered with such a small file size.  For a developer who is known for creativeness and uniqueness, this one doesn’t disappoint.  Get Xetro at the BBE Store for $6.99 (worth the price alone for it’s small file size – saving your memory ) available for both OS5 and OS6.  Give your Blackberry a newer edgier look with Xetro.