Why Mobile Gaming Is On The Rise In 2016


Computer and video games have always been popular, but mobile games have significantly increased in popularity. In fact, most game developers now design games specifically for mobile devices. More people are now playing on their mobile devices than on desktops and TV screens. The number of mobile games has also increased considerably in the last couple of years, giving players a wide range of options. The rise in mobile gaming in 2016 can be attributed to a number of factors, including:

i) Advancements in Mobile Technology

Today’s mobile devices come with larger screens, sophisticated and versatile operating systems, easy controls and superior processing power. In fact, some hand-held devices are much more powerful than many PC’s. With multi-core processors, several gigabytes of RAM, several standard I/O ports, wireless connections and large ROM storage, mobile devices, such as Blackberry phones, can be used to play any game at the Royal Vegas mobile casino. The batteries on these devices also last much longer, so users can play for a longer period of time before having to recharge. These improvements are among the main contributing factors to the rise in mobile gaming in 2016.

ii) Portability

Movement is part of life. If you frequently take the train to work, ride a bus or fly on a regular basis, then you must appreciate the power of mobile devices in eliminating boredom. Many people are often forced to read outdated newspapers and magazines they don’t like or engage in some meaningless conversations just to suppress their boredom. A better alternative would be to take out your iPhone, tablet, smartphone or Blackberry and start playing your favorite game at the Royal Vegas Mobile Casino. You can even make some money while having fun, if you’re any good.

iii) Increased Stress Levels


Stress levels among the general population is higher now than ever before. To distract themselves from their daily stresses, people often turn to alcohol, pills and hard drugs. While stress is a serious mental health problem, it can be dealt with by simple things, such as playing games for fun. The reason why mobile gaming has become popular is because people are stressed, so they play these games to distract their minds and offload all their stresses. When playing these games, people often forget all about their stresses in life. In other words, mobile gaming has become popular today because it’s a stress-reliever of sorts.

iv) High Mobile Penetration


Almost every single adult has a mobile device. Many people in the developed world have two or even three devices. Generally, the level of mobile penetration in all parts of the world is incredibly high. In addition to promoting access to information and communication, the high mobile penetration also means more people can now play mobile games. Some of these games can be played offline while the best ones require a reliable internet connection.

v) Availability of Fast and Reliable Internet Connection

Broadband internet is now available in almost every corner of the planet. The broadband internet connection is made available to consumers through Wi-fi, 3G, 4G and 5G networks. This high-speed internet access has also led to the rise in mobile gaming since users can play online mobile games from any location. Mobile gaming enthusiasts can also play against people on the other side of the planet, thereby increasing competition and boosting player experience.

vi) Fun to Play

Game designers have come up with some incredible games over the last decade and they are always coming up with new ideas. Their goal seems to be to create games which are not only fun, but also engaging, with the sole aim of getting your adrenaline pumping. The result is a superior gaming experience and lots of fun. That said, the main reason why mobile gaming is on the rise in 2016 is that today’s mobile games are fun to play.

vii) They are Affordable


Another reason why mobile gaming is on the rise is because some people cannot afford to buy expensive consoles and TV screens for their bedroom, living room, bathroom and car for playing their favorite games. Playing on mobile devices is a much more affordable option since you can take the device with you to bed, the bathroom or to work.