What Texas Businesses Are Doing to Keep Hackers Away

In Texas, businesses are working hard to prevent hackers from breaking through their networks and stealing information. Whether it be third-party Texas data storage companies or other Texas businesses that focus on computer security, many Texas businesses are taking steps to keep hackers away. Here are five ways Texas businesses are keeping hackers away:

1. Outsourcing Data Storage

When you outsource Texas data storage to a third-party company, the company is responsible for how they store your information. As well as encrypting any transmitted information with high technology software, Texas companies take other security precautions such as regularly updating passwords and using firewalls.

2. Using Security Software

Many Texas businesses use security software designed to block viruses and other forms of cyber attacks to protect their Texas networks. Texas businesses also use firewalls to control traffic and monitor threats to their Texas data storage servers.

3. Texas Cyber Security Insurance

Texas cyber security insurance insures Texas companies against losses after they have fallen victim to a Texas cyber attack or intrusion attempt. The coverage comes with several exclusions (such as employee dishonesty, war, etc.) but can still help Texas businesses keep hackers away.

4. Employee Awareness

Texas companies teach employees how to avoid phishing attacks that target users by emailing them with links or attachments that may contain viruses or malware designed to take over the company network. By teaching Texas employees to be aware of these dangers, Texas businesses are working towards keeping hackers at bay.

5. Having an Executive Texas Data Protection Plan

Texas businesses work hard to keep hackers away, but that doesn’t mean they don’t prepare for the worst. Texas companies develop Texas data protection plans in case Texas computer servers are ever hacked into. These Texas plans include data back-up procedures and other methods designed to limit damages caused by Texas cyber attacks.

By keeping these five things in mind, Texas businesses can be sure they are keeping hackers away.

IronEdge Group is one Texas company that focuses on preventing Texas cyber attacks by using high technology intrusion detection systems to monitor Texas computer servers for unusual activity. IronEdge also provides Texas businesses with Texas data protection plans should their Texas networks get hacked into. If you need Texas data storage, Texas cyber security services or Texas business continuity planning, contact IronEdge Group at 855-235-5764 today!