What Are the Benefits of Wifi Enabled Locks for Your Property?

The earth advances at a rapid pace as every earthling struggles to cope up with it. Technology is cultivating in the fertile land of Science. Valuable discoveries and astounding inventions are being made as we speak. 

The appropriate use of technology not only brings awe-inspiring results in laboratories but also ameliorates our living standards assisting us in our regular lives. As we move on, we find new and more advanced ways to protect ourselves. Better security systems! Safer lock installations! 

Smart Wi-Fi enabled locks have brought a new era of security systems. Gone are the days when traditional lock systems used to be mishandled, tempered, and hacked. Smart locks have outdistanced traditional door locks in every aspect of guaranteed security. Wi-Fi enabled locks have left us spellbound with its extortionate benefits. Here! Let us enlighten you with them.


Thanks to Wi-Fi enabled locks, one of the most bothersome issues is solved. Locks happen to be the most irritating when we return from the grocery store with our hands full or are carrying loads of books while our bag pack hangs from one shoulder or when we are a parent of a toddler who is always clung to us. Looking for keys in such a situation is maddening. And let’s not forget the cases when we forget where we have placed the door keys.

You won’t have to deal with these conveniences after installing a Wi-Fi enabled lock. All you have to do is connect the lock with your smartphone. Plus, you always have your smartphone so there are no chances of misplacing and forgetting. You can call a locksmith in Rochester NY for detailed information and it’s services.

Send E-Keys

Often people show up at our place when we are not at home, these may be our mom and dad, relatives, friends, delivery boys, or some unexpected visitors.

We get ourselves entangled in paying for duplicate copies of our original keys so that our close and trustworthy dear ones so that they may have access in case of emergencies. 

A smart lock has an amazing feature of letting you send E-keys to any contact in your smartphone. These E-keys are actually the access to your smartly locked door and only you can choose whom you want to grant access to.

 These E-keys can then be deleted as per your wish. This way you can duplicate and delete keys within seconds.

Better Security

The biggest drawback of traditional door locks is that they can be cracked into. There are many ways to pick a traditional door lock. No matter how many times we replace a lock, burglars and lock pickers will always find a way to crack it.

Henceforth, replacing an old door lock with a new door lock is not the solution. The only save from lockpickers is installing a smart wifi-enabled lock which can only be accessed by you. Smart locks also give you alerts on your smartphone in case of any suspicious activity. 

Convenience for everyone 

Not only are Wifi enabled locks helpful for the regular users of door locks but a blessing in disguise for elderly and disabled people. Locking and unlocking is a laborious task for elderly people. Putting the key in the diminished keyhole and turning it open may not be an easy task for them. Having lock jams is yet another issue that makes it an even grueling task. Holding keys may be extremely troublesome for the elderly, handicapped, mental disabilities ( such as Parkinson’s disease, etc). Therefore, installing a smart lock that does not need the traditional key puts an end to all the inconveniences. 

Securing Your Home Remotely

One of the most advantageous features of a wifi-enabled lock is that you can lock and unlock your house from anywhere. You only need to have access to your smartphone and the application in it. You may be far from home on a vacation or busy at work. You will always be confident that your house is. Plus, a smart lock allows you to check in whenever you need it.


Smart Wi-Fi-enabled smart locks have changed the world of door locks completely. Finally, no more panic attacks when you are locked out of home, no more missing keys or fiddling with wallets, purses, and pockets with full hands, no fear of burglars, and no more traditional door lock issues.