Want to add bling to your BB? Bijoux by Xan is a Jewel + Contest!

Does Xan ever stop?   As soon as Vie hit the streets, she was off and running making another theme, and this one is a gem.   Bijoux – Jewellery in french – yes another french name, but it’s such a beautiful language..why not?  And it fits.  This theme will add sparkle to your BB and give it vibrant color.  I personally know how hard she worked on this one, and believe me, it has paid off.  It has the standard hidden OCD,  hidden dock, and hotspots, with the added features of tint, and 15 color options for your banners!  Making it truly a Jewel of a theme.  Read more and see how you can add bling to your BB.



Default Home screen


The home screen is very clean and minimal.  Great for wall paper lovers.  With custom numeric battery and signal meters along the bottom right, clock at bottom center, and notifications along the top.  The hidden ocd slot is top right using  Alt -/+.  The date is at bottom left.  Pretty simple. Yet precious.



Color swatch with 15 choices!



This is where it gets good…A lot of themes these days will give you options to change color of the banners, to hide banners, etc.   But what theme gives you the choice of 15 – that’s right – 15 color choices?   Click ?  and a color swatch pops up and you can select any of the colors you see there to co-ordinate with your wall paper!  The “c” hides all banners for a clean look if that’s what your prefer.  I’ve got the blue on this screen and it matches perfectly with my background and adds pop to it.  But go ahead…try out every color, and dress up your screen.  It will look dazzling!  Once you’ve decided on the color, click ! to dismiss the color panel.



Home screen with dock showing and clear banners


The hidden dock has 3 icons for your most used and fave apps.  Now, I know most ppl prefer more, but with the hotspots available to you, you do have access to other functions.  And why not be different?  That’s what makes a theme unique, in my opinion.  Clock will take you to clock, signal meter to manage connections, OCD slot to that app, and messages hotspot by scrolling up and clicking.  So you see, you do have plenty to access from your home screen.


Application screen


The application screen is a rich dark blue color with a jewel like graphics underlay.  I’m really digging the dark blue, as it happens to be one of my fave colors.  Along with purple, that is.  OS7 icons are vibrant against this background.    The same crystal clear focus that is used on the home screen is present here at as well.  Everything about this theme flows and as the name suggests, looks beautiful.


Home screen using red color banner


Home screen with clear banner and tint feature


For lighter wall papers, you can use the tint feature (z/x), so that the clock and other information will still show up.  Even with the many options, it sill has a relatively small files size and navigates well.  Runs smooth also.  That’s what you want to see in a theme.


Home screen using yellow banner



Bijoux.  A gem.  Add sparkle to your BB.  Don’t be afraid to show off your phone!  Use all the colors and make it shine.  But if you don’t want to, not a problem, use the clear color option and have a clean and beautiful screen.  Either way, your BB will look like a jewel and sparkle.  Now Xan has given us 10 copies to give away!  Give a shout out to Xan and tell us what you like about her themes and make 3 NEW posts on the forums!  Winners will be contacted. If you don’t happen to be lucky to win a copy, get yours here on sale for $1.99…a steal for such a gem!  For Bold 9650, 9780, 9700, Torch 9800 OS6 devices.


Home screen with purple banner and everything turned off