Wall Home Décor Ideas To Add Some Style Fast

Walls in a home are often overlooked when it comes to interior design. This is a shame since any wall can be a canvas for something really special. Empty walls bring forth huge possibilities. It does not matter what your style is. There are always things that you can do with the walls. The wall home décor ideas below will help you quickly figure this out. Just make sure that you do not perform some major renovations. In this case you would need to contact specialists like Tuggeranong Plumbing Fix It Right and other contractors to do everything in a safe way. 

Use Large-Scale Art On Your Walls

You want to add an oversized photograph or painting if you want to command attention. This can easily set a tone when looking at smaller spaces. Use black and white art in minimalist spaces to create a great impression. Alternatively, if you need to add some color, consider an abstract piece that has vibrant colors. 

Use The Wall As A Gallery

There are not many things that add color and personality like gallery walls. You can easily display photographs or an art collection. Alternatively, you can add some wall hangings. 

Try to go for some cohesive, simple frames when you want something simple. If you want something more complicated and complex, mix things up with ornate variations. As a great extra tip, try to extend gallery walls in order to create illusions of having a really large space available. 

Create An Accent Wall

Besides adding things to walls, you can always decorate the actual walls. Use bold and bright paint colors in order to create wonderful accent walls. You can also use wallpaper to bring in some pattern. Think about the various decorative paint techniques that exist and see which one would be great for you. You can even transform the ceiling if this is something you like. Such decorative accents often have a huge impact in really small spaces. 

Showcase Some Fabric

Wall hangings or tapestry can easily add both pattern and color. At the same time, some softness is added to an area of the room that is regularly pretty rough. Many pretty textiles exist and you can even use some vintage scarves if this is your thing. 

Keep in mind that fabrics are so much easier to change or move whenever you want to than framed paintings. 

Hang Some Mirrors On The Wall

When thinking about interior design, we rarely consider mirrors. This is a mistake since a mirror easily reflects light. It will help any smaller space feel brighter and bigger. Try to hang oversized mirrors or simply display some salon-style pieces. 

Paint Murals

Last but not least, the walls can easily transport you to various other places in life or history. This can be done with murals. Wall coverings are great and you can go for hand-painted options too. No matter the case, you want to make a huge impact through the motif that you choose. Combine these with some shelves or other decorative elements and you end up with something really special.