Vodafone Releases Free Find and Go GPS Turn-by-Turn Navigation App

Vodafone releases Find&Go for BlackBerry, it is a free GPS turn-by-turn navigation app. It’s available for all the Italian users under 3G network or Wi-Fi. Vodafone Find&Go is your guide to find everything you need or to get quickly to your destination.
Thanks to the integration with Pagine Gialle, TripAdvisor and Facebook, you will be able to easily find a restaurant or a place where to spend the evening with friends.

Vodafone users can customize Find&Go with premium services: traffic and speed camera information, European Maps, funny voices.

Main Features:

– Free turn-by-turn Navigation
– Point of Interests integrated with Pagine Gialle, TripAdvisor and Facebook
– Find a venue that suits you with a nearby parking, ATM or gas station
– Share your itinerary on Facebook
– Find restaurants, pubs& bars near you in 1 click

Download via App World