Video: Tutorial on PlayBook Jailbreaking & Loading Android Marketplace

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If you follow these steps. You will have a jailbroken Playbook along with the Android running with Marketplace* – *A better version of this video will be uploaded on Sunday on my new channel.*

OS 2 Beta:

DingleBerry 2.11:



Step 8: @1:54 in Shell box copy and paste in “/tmp/setuidgid root /bin/sh”

CyanogenMod7 Direct Link: 

Step17: “cd(SPACE)/apps/ TAB).ns/native/scripts”
Step17: “./”

Download link for

Download link for

I know its kind of complicated. I didn’t understand it until until someone actually did it for me. I forgot the name. But the shout out goes to him for helping me. And I hope this video helps. If this helped you. Let me know. If I missed out on anything let me know that as well.

Source: BerryReview