Video: Check out ‘Neatly’ Twitter Client for BlackBerry 10

Check out this BlackBerry 10 Twitter client ‘Neatly’! Looks like a pretty smooth-flowing Twitter client that has some colors close to the look of Tweetdeck. Here is what Ahmed Essam has to say about his new BlackBerry 10 Twitter client:

Life is based on interests not on time. Bring what is important closer to you with Neatly, a smart new Twitter Client that changes how we deal with Twitter, changing the timeline into an interest line according to a users’ behavior.

Designed with efficiency & neatness in mind, Neatly learns from its users’ in a matter of days, helping them filter out any tweet noise and not miss out on the important ones.

Check out the video below of Neatly in action:

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Source: BBIn