Twittly Pro Twitter client gets a nice update in BlackBerry Beta Zone


Twittly Pro, the native third party Twitter client for BlackBerry 10 gets a nice update in the BlackBerry Beta Zone which includes fixes, enhancements and much more.

Check out the changelog:

  • Passport keyboard scrolling
  • Fixed Hub compose auto close when done
  • Finally fixed search chronological issues
  • Set 100 as default search count
  • Added lock prompt when composing from the Hub
  • Auto focus testbox when opened
  • Added a preview wallpaper menu for 30 seconds
  • Ability to load older tweets even with live streaming enabled
  • Fixed updating profile picture and banner
  • Loads fresh profile
  • Added toggle for simplicity mode. This will make the app look more simple
  • Import your own custom wallpaper
  • Ability to clear notifications and effects
  • Fixed credentials error when logging in
  • Stable headless (needs more testing)
  • Fixed stuck notification indicator in the icon
  • Added ability to mute any tweets by keywords
  • Added ability to mute retweets

Head on over to BlackBerry World and download the Beta Zone app if you have not yet already, let us know how this build of Twittly works for you.