Top Reasons Why People Are Not Buying The BlackBerry Priv

The BlackBerry Priv is BlackBerry’s newest released smartphone and the first device from the company to run on the Android operating system. There are some reasons why people are not rushing to get themselves the smartphone, but if you’re fine with them, you should consider gettingĀ one of these bad boys yourself. You should also have a look at our BlackBerry Priv review.
Top Reasons Why People Are Not Buying The BlackBerry Priv

One of the biggest issues is that it isn’t available in the person’s country or carrier. You may not want to order the phone online and pay some incredible shipping bill just to pick up BlackBerry’s latest handset. Some may actually go through with it. I’m looking at you hardcore BlackBerry fans.

Another reason is no money. Yes, people have been reporting that they aren’t getting the Priv because they are broke. Valid reason but it isn’t something that will affect yourself from picking up the smartphone if you have some extra cash on hand, unless you feel it’s too pricey.

Moving on, its competitors. Sure, the phone shines because it has a physical keyboard and a touchscreen, but there are other Android smartphones out there that are a lot cheaper or around the same price with better specs. They may not be better even with the higher specs in certain areas, so you should consider reading our BlackBerry Priv review and reviews of the other Android-powered smartphones out there to make the final decision.

If we’re not looking at its competitors, it’s because people already have a good-working smartphone that works for them. One guy said his old BlackBerry was in perfect-looking condition and didn’t need the upgrade while another said they prefer the BlackBerry 10 OS over Android. Some even said they already have an Android device and others mentioned their dislike for large smartphones.

Others have said that they dislike slider phones after owning a BlackBerry Torch while others have mentioned how it was not possible to root even when running the Android mobile operating system. If you have ever owned an Android device in the past and frequent Android forums, you most likely have heard about rooting an Android device in the past and how it opens up many possibilities that does not come ‘out of the box‘.

There are people who are even scared of future Android OS releases for the smartphone if sales aren’t to the company’s liking. If you had a BlackBerry Torch 9800 in the past, you should know how they stopped their future OS support for the device, including BlackBerry OS 7. Information about BlackBerry’s plan to release another Android-powered smartphone has also surfaced on the Internet, therefore there can be an end-line to the Priv’s support at some point in time (similar to the movement from legacy BlackBerry OSs to BB10).

To conclude, the last from this list and another of the popular reasons is because BlackBerry releases better hardware of their devices after release. It can be different color variations or better designs. You can use the BlackBerry Passport as an example although having a variety of options available is a good thing.